Monday, December 31, 2007

New Feature

Hello again! Soon, there will be a new feature on SSA Time. It's called Top Ten. Leave a topic comment on this post and I will make a list of the Top Ten things in that category. Note: Sometimes there will be more or less, depending on how many I can think of. Each time I finish, I will make a new post to leave topics on. Get thinking!


I escaped the cops and just went to buy another donut when the cops ran in. They ignored me and said that their donuts didn't have enough green sprinkles. I think I'll be okay from now on. Fettucini out!


Leave comments on this post for polls that you would like to vote on. I will probably post them. When the other 3 polls are finished, I will take my favorite 3 and post them. I will also post the results of all the polls when I feel like it. Comment away! Kay thanks.

Cruel Wisdom

Time flies when you're trying to get out of an abandoned mine shaft.


I think the police are after me. I tried to buy a donut with pennies and shots were fired. This is frightening. Right now I'm under a table at Dunkin' Donuts hiding from the cops. I think they've stopped looking because they walked away with 20 dozen donuts. Weird!

Cruel Wisdom

Don't have a heart attack when you play charades.

Order of the Stick

OOTS. The first webcomic I have ever read. Quite good, actually. This is a great comic, I mean, I love it, but there's no gray area. Some people love it, some hate it. If you know D&D you will probably enjoy this. Check it out!


I forgot to mention this. There are some YTAS vids not on the homepage. To see them, go to youtube and search for:
-Rex and Weevil visit
-Bakura gets a job at
-Seto Kaiba addresses
-Serenity struggles with
-Yugioh abridged odd conversation
-yugioh the abridged movie (has four parts)
The odd conversation isn't really YTAS, but it is still funny. Also, there should be a new Christmas one coming out soon. I haven't seen it yet.

Cruel Wisdom Note

Hey everybody! Well, actually only one person. Anyway, do you like Cruel Wisdom? If you do, you'll be pleased to know that there will be a new one every day! Keep on reading! (warning: attempting to use cruel wisdom as advice with either get you murdered or dead because you choked to death on a penny)

Sunday, December 30, 2007


Ever heard of F-Minus? Haven't? You are missing something that is the equivalent of finding the edge of the world. Look at the links before you die of deprivation!

Cruel Wisdom

'Tis better to have loved and lost your marbles than to have never had marbles at all.

SSA Video

Go on google and search for "Chocolate Niblet Beans". This is amazing. The song is Bicycle Race Remix by Naivepop or Petitfool. A great animutation.

Cruel Wisdom

A penny saved is just another shiny object to choke on.